Michelle Bachmann: Obama's poor relationship with Israel will bring the return of Jesus

The devout Christian and politician criticized the president, but embraced the second coming of Jesus.

Michele Bachmann  (photo credit: REUTERS)
Michele Bachmann
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann stated that President Barack Obama’s handling of the Iranian nuclear deal is a symbol of the coming of the end of times and the “imminent” return of Jesus Christ, during a recent radio interview.
Bachmann explained that if Obama and the United States turn their back on Israel, this would bring  severe “curses” upon the United States, similar to those seen in the end of days.
But, Bachmann is not afraid of the end of days, rather she says that “these are the most exciting days in history” because nothing is more important than the return of Jesus Christ.
“We need to be so on fire right now about the things of Christ and the things of God, that needs to occupy our time and our thoughts virtually from morning to night because we have very little time — in my opinion — left before the second return of Christ. That’s good news!” the former congresswoman said. “The world is embracing degeneracy, but what that also tells us as we look at what the world is doing that they’re going according to God’s time clock. Pastors, preach it from the pulpit!”
“If we actually turn our back on Israel as we have seen Barack Obama do today, if that happens then I think we will see a scale and a level of push back in the United States, negative consequences,” Bachmann told Understanding the Times radio host Jan Markell on Sunday. “I don’t know what they are, but I believe that the Bible is true. And believe what the Bible says is that our nation and the people of our nation will reap a whirlwind, and we could see economic disasters, natural disasters.”
Bachmann is a fundamentalist Christian who believes the word of the bible to be complete truth, and that Jesus will return at the "End of Times" one day. Christians who believe this think that God will punish those who do not bless Israel.
While speaking on the radio show, Bachmann criticized Obama’s foreign policy, stating that he has taken an “anti-Israel” view on foreign policy, something unseen by a US President since 1948.
“The reason that you and I are talking about this is because we take as true what the Bible says in Genesis about Israel, and about the nation’s response to Israel,” Bachmann said. “We recognize that we have been singularly blessed in the United States because of the way the United States has blessed Israel over and over from 1948 until recent times.”