Canadian social media influencer fights hate, erases antisemitic graffiti

Corey Fleischer finds hateful graffiti and uses whatever he has on hand, from a power washer to some nail polish remover, to erase it.

September 21, 2019 19:37
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A tombstone desecrated by vandals with a Nazi swastika and the Slogan "Jews Out", in the Jewish Ceme

France's Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux walks next to a tombstone desecrated by vandals with a Nazi swastika and the Slogan "Jews Out", in the Jewish Cemetery of Cronenbourg near Strasbourg. (photo credit: VINCENT KESSLER/ REUTERS)

A Canadian social media influencer has made a presence for himself online by removing graffiti and drawings on public property depicting hateful messages, such as racist or antisemitic symbols.

Corey Fleischer uses different kinds of equipment, from pressure washers, to regular drugstore nail polish remover, to get rid of swastikas and hateful messages painted around the world.

Most recently, Fleischer uploaded videos of him visiting Portugal and Spain, wearing his signature vest reading "#ErasingHate" on the front.

Fleischer hails from Montreal, where he regularly makes sure that no hatred is not put on display. He video tapes the removal of the graffiti and uploads them to his Instagram and Facebook pages.

In August, he was joined on his mission by a Holocaust survivor named Angi Richt as they removed a small, drawn-on swastika from a street sign in a park. Richt has joined Fleischer in several videos to remove hateful graffiti. She, according to Fleischer, is one of the two people to have ever been born in Auschwitz concentration camp.

"It is an absolute honor to have [Richt] here," Fleischer said. He proceeded to explain how to use nail polish remover to erase the drawing.

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