Neo-Nazi politician Stefan Jagsch to be voted out due to public outrage

Days after a member of the German NPD party was elected to the position of district leader in central Germany, local council means to annul the vote.

September 13, 2019 01:51
Neo-Nazi groups commemorate the "Day of Honor"r

Neo-Nazi groups commemorate the "Day of Honor," the breakout attempt by Schutzstaffel (SS) troops from Soviet-surrounded Budapest during World War Two, in Budapest. (photo credit: REUTERS)

German politician Stefan Jagsch, who is a member of the neo-Nazi party National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), may not assume the position of district leader for Altenstadt in central Germany, DW reported.

The local council moved to annul his vote after previously defending the decision, saying nobody else expressed interest in the post.

Mainstream parties, including Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and her coalition partner the Social Democratic Party (SPD), voted for Jagsch during the original decision to offer him the post, which made him the first point of contact for citizens with concerns.

“A serious mistake was made,” said CDU local leader Lucia Puttrich, who also pointed out it was corrected when seven out of nine council members approved the motion to remove him for the post.

For his part, Jagsch said he will examine the legality of his removal.

While the courts in Germany ruled NPD is “similar” to Hitler’s Nazi Party, they did not ban it as it is a small party and does not pose a threat to democracy.

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