Reporter from Nazi documentary told to 'get back in the oven'

Author featured in Nazi documentary and penning a book about Hungarian Jews targeted with anti-Semitic comments.

September 20, 2016 15:02
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Survivors of Auschwitz arrive to the former camp in Oswiecim

Survivors of Auschwitz arrive to the former camp in Oswiecim. (photo credit: REUTERS)

"Get back in the oven," was reportedly slurred at BBC journalist Henreiettya Foster, who appeared in the documentary, 'My Nazi Legacy,' that explores the lives of children of Hitler's officers, The Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The story was told to the Mail by Martin Bright, once an employee for former British prime minister Tony Blair as well as a former journalist for the Observer.

The commentator was identified by the Mail as editor of the Quarterly Review Magazine, Dr. Leslie Jones.

Foster, stated that she believed Jones assumed incorrectly that she is Jewish. Besides her appearance in the documentary, Foster is also penning a history on Hungarian Jews.

"We had fallen out at a previous reception over Brexit – I told him to **** off because he had voted out," explained Foster, "Then he came over to me last Thursday and said, “You were in that film, weren’t you?”, and told me I was cruel in my filmed question to the son of a Nazi officer."

‘Then he just said: “Get back in the oven. Do you understand me? Just get back in the oven.”’

Jones later claimed to other guests of the event that the comment was a joke. When contacted by the Mail Jones refused to comment.

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