Israeli consul in Budapest called a ‘dirty Jew’

An Israeli diplomat was accosted and subjected to anti-Semitic invective in Hungary on Monday.

May 26, 2015 21:53
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A member of Hungary's far-right Jobbik party, delivers a speech to hundreds of far-right supporters during a rally against the World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly in Budapest May 4, 2013. . (photo credit: REUTERS)

An Israeli diplomat was accosted and subjected to anti-Semitic invectives in Hungary.

Consul Motti Rave was called a “dirty Jew” and was told that Hitler “should have finished the job” by a local man who overheard him speaking Hebrew on Monday, Yediot Aharonot reported.

According to the report, Rave, who as a child of survivors is fluent in Hungarian, understood the insults and called in the police, who arrested the culprit.

Israeli officials in Budapest praised the Hungarians for acting swiftly to deal with incident.

While Hungary recently apologized for its role in deporting Jews during the Holocaust, local Jewish organizations were at loggerheads with their government for much of 2014, accusing Budapest of revising Holocaust memorials to whitewash Hungarian complicity in the genocide.

At the center of the controversy was a statue depicting the German eagle descending on the Angel Gabriel, a Hungarian symbol, in Budapest. The statue, which bears no direct reference to Jews, is said to portray Hungarians and victims with no role in the horrors of the occupation.

Jewish leaders have also come out against a the House of Fates, a museum being constructed in Budapest that portrays the Holocaust but glosses over the role of Hungarians.

The Jobbik Party, which is strongly anti-Jewish and anti-Roma, is the third largest party in parliament in Hungary.

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