IEC provides air conditioning tips

Israel Electric Corporation provides “10 essential rules” for sensible use of air conditioners to preserve energy and money.

Air conditioner 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Air conditioner 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Israel Electric Corporation has unveiled “10 essential rules” for sensible air conditioner operation, in order to conserve as much energy and money as possible during hot summer weather.
First and foremost, the IEC recommends reading the operating instructions that come with the machine, as well as cleaning the filters every six months and preventing all potential blockages of air vents. The compressor – the external part of the air conditioner – should be placed in the shade, as sun tends to wear out appliances, according to the tips. In addition to using the thermostat on the machine, consumers should also have thermometers to monitor the air temperature in their households, and should take pains to lower electricity consumption – even by decreasing the air conditioner by one degree.
While the air conditioner is on, consumers must remember to close any unnecessary openings in their households to prevent the entry of hot air, and make sure to set air conditioning vents upwards, since cold air naturally sinks, according to the IEC.
Lastly, the tips stressed that it is crucial to remember to turn off the air conditioner when leaving the room, and as often as possible, make use of the machine’s fan setting rather than the cooling setting.