Palestine – Collective amnesia spells collective disaster

If Obama and the Annapolis participants have forgotten that creating a “democratic Palestinian state” is fundamental to the conflict being ended – they only have themselves to blame for the chaos that will surely follow.

February 2, 2014 15:51
John Kerry

John Kerry departing Israel, January 6, 2014. (photo credit: U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv)

US Secretary of State John Kerry has missed his own deadline of January 31, by not releasing his eagerly anticipated framework agreement designed to help end the 130 years old Jewish-Arab conflict. It will now be released by February 21, according to US Envoy Martin Indyk.

Whilst speculation is rife as to its contents - it appears certain that there will be one crucial omission – that any Palestinian State created must be democratic – which could doom any further negotiations.
A democratic Palestinian state finds its genesis in the 2003 Bush Roadmap – the foundation which underpins the current negotiations. The Roadmap stated:


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