What Now Israel?

The bottom line is that inevitably Jordan's minority dictatorship will be swept aside and the majority will have their Palestinian state in what is currently called Jordan.

June 25, 2014 14:03
3 minute read.
Israel Jordan

The bridge crossing near the border with Jordan.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

As the country conducts one of its largest non-war military operations ever in search of her three young kidnapped boys, I find myself considering the fact that Israel supports the existence of the Palestinian Authority. These kidnappings and acts of terror for the most part would not be able to happen without the PA. And still, Israel supports the PA both militarily and economically, as a precursor to a Palestinian state.

Yet the more I consider the idea of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, the more apparent it is that this is an absurd concept with no possibility of success. Even if the Palestinians wanted such a state, which luckily for Israel, they don't, the inevitable outcome is plain as day. Imagine we create a Palestinian state in the West Bank. And then imagine the day the minority dictatorship in Jordan falls -- and all minority dictatorships throughout history eventually do fall. The former state of Jordan, now re-named Palestine, would naturally absorb the tiny entity called Palestine which Israel created on this side of the border. We would then face an overwhelming military threat sitting virtually on top of Tel Aviv.


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