Health Ministry director general to stay on

July 18, 2006 14:29

Professor Avi Yisraeli, a past director-general of the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) and director-general of the Health Ministry for the past two-and-a-half years, has been asked by Health Minister Ya'acov Ben-Yizri to continue in his position and serve under him. Last week, the minister's nominee to replace Yisraeli, Dr. Ehud Frishmann, withdrew his candidacy after the Civil Service Commission failed to approve him due to various allegations against him. Yisraeli, a specialist in internal medicine who also earned a master's degree in business administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, thanked the minister and said he would do everything to implement reforms now on the table. Ben-Yizri, who had initially stated he wanted an "outsider" to shake up the health system and proposed Frishmann, said Tuesday that during the months of working with Yisraeli he had learned to appreciate his abilities and professionalism.

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