First I take Safra Square

At his press conference on Monday, Deputy Mayor Ofer Berkovitch declared that a significant change in Mayor Nir Barkat’s attitude and positions was the main reason behind his decision to quit.

November 16, 2017 13:23
2 minute read.
Ofer Berkovitch

Ofer Berkovitch. (photo credit: SHARON GABAI)

It was like a storm cloud waiting to burst. Deputy Mayor Ofer Berkovitch announced Monday that he and his party, Hitorerut, had quit Mayor Nir Barkat’s coalition and he announced officially that he is running mayor in the coming elections.

Barkat and Berkovitch haven’t talked to each other for more than a year – antipathy punctuated, from time to time, by sarcastic remarks. It is unclear whether either of the men knew where and why animosity replaced their apparent idyllic partnership – but belligerent they did become. Barkat repeatedly ignored Berkovitch, who struggled to remain relevant.


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