Home is where the art is

The Israel Museum's 'No Place Like Home' examines the domestic uncanny

June 8, 2017 14:32
The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum’s ‘No Place Like Home’ . (photo credit: ELIE POSNER)

When Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz clicks her ruby red shoes and says, “There’s no place like home,” she has been engulfed in a world entirely foreign to her and is ready to return to the familiarity of Kansas. An early May conference on the Israel Museum’s exhibition, “No Place Like Home,” which will run until July, centered around this theme of the comforting becoming strange; the domestic made absurd.

The two-day conference consisted of artists’ talks on a range of topics under the umbrella theme and an experimental exhibit that turns a large section of the museum into a 12-room home, where domestic objects become tools for the artists to explore issues of gender roles, housework, family, and identity.


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