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Gender equity must be promoted at Jewish non-profits - opinion

A report from the Leading Edge on the gender gap in Jewish nonprofit leadership includes examples of actions taken to create gender equity.

  Anita Friedman, CEO, World WIZO

By 2121, WIZO hopes gender disparity is no longer an issue

“If we do our job correctly, [by 2121], it should not be an issue anymore - not race, not religion, not gender,” said World WIZO CEO Anita Friedman.

COVID lockdown demonstrated old-fashioned gender behavioral patterns

The lockdown served as a live social experiment, Austrian researchers say, and revealed men-women behavioral differences.

Iceland elects Europe's first women-majority parliament

Iceland has voted more women than men into its parliament, a first in Europe, in a national election that saw the ruling left-right coalition strengthen its majority.


Women in Afghanistan: UNFPA calls for urgent healthcare funding

The UNFPA called for funding, estimating that the situation in Afghanistan could lead to an additional 51,000 maternal deaths and 4.8 million unintended pregnancies.


How can we close 'persistent' Jewish NGO leadership gender gap?  - study

Although some 70% of the workers in Jewish nonprofit organizations are women, less than half of CEOs and organization leaders are women. New research describes five causes and solutions.


Medieval warrior woman buried in Finland may have been non-binary - study

DNA analysis found that whoever was buried could have had XXY chromosomes, meaning a mix of male and female chromosomes, which some may have called or identified as non-binary.


Ruling on gender segregation in colleges is a mistake - opinion

The High Court ruling that allows the continuation of gender-segregated classes is a surrender to male students from a patriarchal culture, and is devastating as a model for Israeli society

Opposition members surrounding the seat of Knesset Speaker, demanding the vote results not be change

‘Elkin law’ falls in embarrassment to gov't after speaker casts wrong vote

Elkin has not yet explained why he is so eager to be on the committee to the extent that legislation was advanced to facilitate the demand.

Israel ranks 30th in gender equality among 100 countries - study

Norway came first, followed by Finland, Iceland, the UK and then Germany. The United States was 48th, and Pakistan was last.

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