New book explores Orthodox taboos about women’s sexuality, gender

The euphemistic name of the book is a nod to the quieter way that conversations about female sexuality have happened in Orthodox communities.

Women's organizations demand gov't plan budget with gender gap in mind

McKinsey & Company found that women are 1.8 times as likely to have their jobs be put on the line amid the coronavirus pandemic than men.

A HAREDI wedding in Bnei Brak
Gender segregation allows haredi women to embrace femininity - opinion

Gender segregation may not be a feminist ideal, but it allows haredi women to embrace their femininity. So let’s not oppose segregated events, at least not for haredim.

Legislative committee approves bill for gender salary equality

According to the bill, employers who employ over 100 employees will be forced by law to publish an annual report detailing the differences in salary between women and men in the organization.

Where's the minister of murdered women? Israelis protest against femicide

Approximately 1000 Israelis arrived at Habima Square in Tel Aviv Monday to demonstrate against the rising tide of femicide impacting the country.

Israeli teen revamps classic playing cards to represent gender equality

"All genders are equal, so why is the Queen worth less? And what about the Jack? Where's the princess?"

Chiara Zuddas, 31, sleeps in bed cuddling her daughter, two-year-old Bianca Toniolo, at home
Men think they're doing most housework in lockdown, women disagree - poll

About 45% of men surveyed said they spent more time home-schooling their children than their spouses. Only 3% of women agreed with the claims.

Nadia, a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo, that the zoo said on April 5, 2020 has te
'Tiger King' LGBTQ zoo-keeper hopes fame aids the gender pronoun debate

Throughout the series the good-natured keeper is referred to as "she" despite identifying as male since childhood.

WOMEN IN ISRAEL still earn less than similarly educated men in the same age group, relative to other
Israel's gender pay gap increased in 2018, report finds

The 27.5% gender wage gap shows a significant increase since the 2017 report, when the median gap stood at 24.7%.

Saudi Arabia ends gender-segregated entrances for restaurants

Saudi Arabia required all restaurants to have one entrance for families and women, and another for men on their own.

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