Israel film dreams and reality

Mitzpe Ramon in 1954: Revisiting the dusty town.

March 7, 2018 19:15
Religious customs are part and parcel of everyday life for Scottish JewsThe eastern part of the Neve

The eastern part of the Neveh Ya’acov communityThe writer as a handsome young man on the Negev set of ‘Hill 24 Does Not Answer.’. (photo credit: CHARLES TICHO)

‘I’ll kill that bloody driver!” echoed over the hills of the Negev Desert, “I swear, I’ll kill him!” At the bottom of the hill topped by the ancient Nabatean Avdat fortress stood Thorold Dickenson. At 190 centimeters tall, white hair flowing wildly around his head, arms outstretched and flailing, he looked like an irate Moses in the wilderness shouting curses toward a chaos that was happening in front of him.

Despite all the noise – the explosions, the trucks and jeeps rushing downhill, and the troops firing their guns – I could clearly hear Dickenson’s voice screaming in my earphones. He was using words much worse than “bloody.”


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