Speeding up just when others are slowing down

"My life is enriched. Aliya is one of the best decisions my wife and I ever made.”

June 15, 2017 17:16
Richard Corman

Richard Corman. (photo credit: DAVID CORMAN)

At 17, Richard Corman was already a Jewish leader. His first experience in Israel was with a USY summer trip, during which he took responsibility for a friend who was blind from birth. Rather than feeling cheated by having to take care of someone else, Corman recalled, “It enhanced my experience. Even though he couldn’t see, he felt and was able to experience Israel with all the senses other than sight and I was going along for the ride. He forced me to see Israel in a different way.”

Corman’s next visit was for a political science course he took at Hebrew University. The first month they spent in classrooms; the second month, they went on field trips to explore the places they studied. Corman’s class visited sites that are off-limits to Israelis today, including the Egyptian city Sharm El Sheikh, the Gulf of Suez at the northern tip of the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip.


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