making aliyah

Israel's new Aliyah minister welcomes Ukrainian olim at Ben-Gurion

The minister was accompanied by the director-general of the Aliyah and Integration Ministry, Dganit Sankar-Langa, for a professional tour of Ben-Gurion Airport.

Brazilian doctor revolutionizes spinal surgery in Israel

Brazilian oleh Dr. Cezar J. Mizrahi, 36, performed the first robot-assisted anterior lumbar spine fusion in Israel.

We need to help olim from post-Soviet countries - opinion

While Israel claims that new immigrants are desired and encourage aliyah, for many people emigration turns into severe mental health problems.

By Veronica Neifakh

Less than 10% of Russian, Ukrainian olim find jobs in their fields - public lobby data

72% of immigrants have not yet started studying Hebrew in an intensive program, also called an ulpan, while 30% gave up ulpan studies because they could not afford it.

Aliyah for a dream job: Managing one of Israel's best luxury hotels

Eyal Goldberger packed up his family in Florida and moved to a Jerusalem suburb within three months of getting a dream job.

Successful Russian-speaking start-up founder now helps mentor youth

One of the few successful Russian-speaking start-up founders in Israel, Berezin volunteers as a youth and young adult entrepreneurship mentor through Unistream and Taglit-Birthright. 

Will Israel no longer be a safe haven for the Jewish people? - opinion

Aliyah and the Law of Return are the bedrock and foundation of Israel, to change it would be to perhaps irrevocably alter the nature and character of Israel.


Ben-Gvir is threatening Jewish unity worldwide - opinion

Ben-Gvir is the real threat to Jewish unity. He must not be allowed to wield his politics of exclusion and intolerance in Israel’s next government.


Aliyah: Immigration to Israel from Russia up by 400% in 2022

According to Ofek Israeli’s numbers, 32,494 Russian citizens have made aliyah to Israel in 2022 according to Israel’s Law of Return.


Religious parties to demand reforms to Law of Return as coalition bargaining chip

Their demand is to cancel the ‘grandson clause,’ which states that even a person who is the grandchild of a Jew can immigrate to Israel.

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