Princeton Uni. group calls for boycott of Israeli hummus

Group petitions to hold vote on selling alternatives to Sabra hummus; support for "Save the Hummus" group outweighs PCP campaign.

princeton university logo_311 (photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
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(photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
The Princeton Committee on Palestine (PCP) was scheduled to call on students at New Jersey's Princeton University next week to prevent Sabra-brand hummus from being sold at stores and dining facilities on campus.
A number of Palestinian students decided to campaign against the hummus on grounds that it serves "the occupation" because the Israeli company that manufactures it, Strauss, supplies Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade with care packages.
RELATED:Strauss removes support for IDF from English websiteTurning the tables on BDSLast week, students from the PCP decided they will hold a vote on whether to sell Sabra's competitors on campus after highlighting that hummus, "a traditional Arab food," was being marketed by a company affiliated with Israel, which has allegedly violated Arab civilians' rights, reported the university's newspaper, The Daily Princetonian.
The PCP started a petition in support of the referendum last Thursday. More than 200 students have reportedly signed it, which is the threshold for getting a referendum on the ballot, according to The Daily Princetonian.
The battle was brought to Facebook where the PCP's page calls for a boycott on Sabra while a competing group, Tigers for Israel, created their own page titled "Save the Hummus!--Vote Against the Sabra Hummus Boycott.”
So far, support for the latter group reportedly far outweighs the former, with a Daily Princetonian editorial, published November 24, saying: "The Editorial Board believes that the human rights concerns regarding Sabra hummus are overblown. The type of assistance that The Strauss Group provides to soldiers has no tangible effect on the unit’s actions. There is no direct link between the Sabra Dipping Company or its executives and the Golani Brigade’s wrongdoings."