Right-wing activist attacks Yair Golan at event

While Golan was being interviewed, right wing activist Tzachi Eliyahu came onstage and tried to cancel the entire event, while screaming "You leftists!"

September 14, 2019 17:33
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ormer Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. (res.) Yair Golan

ormer Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. (res.) Yair Golan. (photo credit: YISSACHAR RUAS)

Democratic Union member and former IDF deputy chief of staff Yair Golan was attacked by a right-wing activist during an onstage interview. 

While Golan was being interviewed, right-wing activist Tzachi Eliyahu came onstage and tried to cancel the entire event, while screaming, "You leftists!" 

A short while later, Eliyahu published a Facebook post clarifying his hostile stance towards Golan and promised to continue acts of violence against him "until he falls off of the map."

Eliyahu wrote, "I got to a speaking event in Netanya for Yair Golan. The same Yair Golan who 'recognizes developments' and compared IDF soldiers to Nazis, the same 'general' Yair Golan that gave an order for an IDF commander to send soldiers to the battlefield and not respond to terrorists firing at us hiding between civilians even for the price of our soldiers dying, which means IDF soldiers' lives are less important to him than the life of a Gaza citizen. And now after he has rid us of his presence in the IDF, he joins none other than Meretz [currently the Democratic Union]. I swear on the name of all IDF soldiers that I will chase him until he drops from the map."

Yair Golan responded to the attack, "I was attacked today by a right-wing activist at a speaking event in Netanya. The activist got on stage after the event began and started yelling out obscenities towards me. Me and my friends are not afraid, only more determined to bring a change to Israeli government. We at the Democratic Union are determined to safeguard democracy, to safeguard an election free of fear, threats and violence. I call on all citizens of Israel to vote. Do no be afraid. Against the threats of the right there is only one answer - voting Meretz."

A spokesman for the Democratic Union responded as well, saying, "We are not afraid or deterred by right-wing bullies. Signs of fascism have been adopted as policy by the prime minister and his Kahanist partners. It's either the Democratic Union or Bibi's Kahanists. Anyone who looks over to the Likud cannot represent us."

The attack comes after Democratic Union activists were attacked on Friday morning, as well, at the Jaffa flea market.

Translated from Maariv by Idan Zonshine.

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