Sarah Silverman endorses Meretz

Meretz releases song to appeal to voters' emotions with star-studded "Awakening Song."

Sarah Silverman (photo credit: REUTERS)
Sarah Silverman
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Jewish-American comedienne Sarah Silverman asked Israeli voters to choose Meretz on Election Day, in a tweet on Wednesday.
“ISRAEL! If you are a Meretz supporter you NEED to VOTE MARCH 17. Every vote counts. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain,” she tweeted.
Meretz’s official Twitter account responded: “Thanks for the support Sarah! We love you!”

Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On posted a screenshot of the tweet on Facebook with a caption mocking a statement Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made on Tuesday saying that there is a worldwide effort to topple the Likud.
“Watch out! People from abroad are trying to bring down the government,” Gal- On wrote.
Silverman’s sister Rabbi Susan Silverman lives in Jerusalem and is in the nonelected 20th spot on the Meretz candidates list for the next Knesset. The Jerusalemite Silverman, a reform rabbi, and her daughter Hallel Abramowitz are part of Women of the Wall, the group that seeks equal prayer rights for women at the Western Wall.
This is not the first time Sarah Silverman backed Meretz. In November 2012, she tweeted: “My Israeli bros & sissies: Do yourselves a fave & Vote Meretz OR the Green Movement for Kenesset [sic] sweeet [sic].”
Gal-On wrote back then: “I love you Sarah. Thank you and congratulations on Obama! Z.”
It was a few days after US President Barack Obama’s reelection, and Silverman had campaigned for him.
Meretz"s "Awakening Song"‏
Also on Wednesday, Meretz released a music video of the “Awakening Song,” composed by Yami Weissler and sung by Israeli rock stars such as Monica Sex lead singer Yaheli Sobol and musical theater actresses Rivka Michaeli and Leora Rivlin, among others.
The video featured images of left-wing demonstrations, former party leader Shulamit Aloni and Gal-On, former prime minister Menachem Begin, US president Jimmy Carter and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat shaking hands and a gay pride parade.
“The Left is Meretz,” the song concludes.
The song is meant “to appeal to Meretz voters’ emotions and remind them of the importance of Meretz to Israeli society and democracy,” the party explained.