Shaked to Netanyahu: Show us the Trump deal map before elections

U.S. Official: Yamina's 'Deal of the Century' map 'highly inaccurate'

September 15, 2019 19:06
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Shaked to Netanyahu: Show us the Trump deal map before elections

The Yemina party, and leaders Ayelet Shaked, Bezalel Smotrich, Naftali Bennett and Rafi Peretz, hold a press conference in Elkana, August 21, 2019. . (photo credit: Courtesy)

   Voters deserve to see the real map of US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” Yamina leader Ayelet Shaked said Sunday, after the Trump administration denied a map she presented was part of their plan.

“Mr. Prime Minister, where is the real map?” Shaked asked in a press conference. “Could it be more destructive than the map we publicized?”

Addressing her remarks to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Shaked said: “If this is not the real map, we want to see the real map today, before we go to the polls. The people of Israel deserve to know what we’re voting on.”

Earlier Sunday, Shaked and Yamina candidate Naftali Bennett claimed that the plan, illustrated by the map, involves settlement enclaves becoming part of Israel, but not the whole of Area C.

“Without Yamina in the government, a Palestinian state will be established,” Shaked warned. “The prime minister didn’t show this map in his press conference [in which he promised to annex the Jordan Valley, but] this is what he means.”

Shaked’s map, labeled “Deal of the Century” shows the West Bank in black, with spots in white representing Israeli settlements, and white lines representing roads connecting them.

The map shows “most of the territory of Judea and Samaria being transferred to the Palestinian Authority to establish a Palestinian state,” Shaked warned in an interview with Ynet.

Yamina candidate Naftali Bennett tweeted the map.

“Why does the prime minister make sure to say he will apply sovereignty to towns and not Area C that surrounds them?” Bennett wrote. “Why did we hear about the carrot in the plan and not the stick? Why did Trump agree to delay making his plan public until right after the election?”

The Trump administration has “never before seen” the map, a senior U.S. official told The Jerusalem Post soon after.

“The map posted by [Yamina candidate] Naftali Bennett today on Twitter – and his claim that this represents the vision for peace of the Trump administration – [are] highly inaccurate,” the official said.

Netanyahu’s spokesman Yonatan Urich called the map “fake news.”

The map “is incorrect and not part of Trump’s Deal of the Century… It is unclear why [Yamina candidates] Bennett, [Transportation Minister Bezalel] Smotrich and Shaked are willing to harm our sensitive relations with the Trump administration just to get a few headlines in the media,” Urich said.

“The citizens of Israel need to decide on Tuesday who they want to send to negotiate with President Trump – his close friend Prime Minister Netanyahu, who protected the Land of Israel for eight years… or [Blue and White co-chairman] Yair Lapid who wants to evacuate 90,000 settlers and who no one serious in the US knows,” he added.

However, Urich continued to say that Israeli sovereignty would apply to “all the settlements,” and did not mention Area C.

In the final days before the last few elections, Netanyahu and the Likud have made a concerted effort to get more right-wing votes which, for this election, has primarily hurt Yamina. Shaked’s party has vowed to fight back in this election.

 Shaked’s party has vowed to fight back in this election.

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