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Ayelet Shaked: I'm not sorry that I joined Bennett-Lapid coalition

"Ministerial success is not always politically rewarding," according to Shaked, who also estimates that housing prices will moderate and maybe decrease this year.


Ayelet Shaked to 'Post': Goal isn't to fix global issues but to protect people in fear

The goal isn't to circumvent sovereign states' immigration policies or fix global issues but to focus on the important mission at hand - protect people fearing for their lives

Israel should do better by its asylum seekers - opinion

As a nation built by people who once sought asylum, Israel must consider how the nation treats those currently seeking the same protection.


Shaked denies asylum to woman fleeing female genital mutilation

The interior minister compared the practice to male circumcision, saying that to treat them differently in the law would be "absurd."


Likud MK says Shaked's run to the end was coordinated with them

"We didn't promise her a position, but there was talk of forgiveness. She did the right thing," said Kish.

Ayelet Shaked receives just 80,000 votes, throws support behind Netanyahu

Ayelet Shaked thanked her supporters for voting for her and expressed hope that a stable right-wing government would be formed by Netanyahu in the coming days.

Election 2022: Anything can still change before Tuesday night - analysis

There are no polls published in the 72 hours before the election, and the next polls will be exit polls published after the polls close on Tuesday.

Google Doodle for Israel's election day

Israel Elections: Which parties, politicians are Israelis Googling?

Here are the parties and candidates that were searched the most in Israel in the past week up until the election, according to Google Trends.

Israel Elections: Your guide to the issues of the campaign - explainer

​If you are just tuning in to this election​,​ or simply have no clue whom to choose, the ‘Magazine’ has got you covered with this overview of the parties and issues.

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