WATCH: Naftali Bennett warns against "Deal of the Century"

The map had been talked about before, though its legitimacy has been called into question by various sources.

September 17, 2019 00:13
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WATCH: Naftali Bennett warns against "Deal of the Century"

The Yemina party, and leaders Ayelet Shaked, Bezalel Smotrich, Naftali Bennett and Rafi Peretz, hold a press conference in Elkana, August 21, 2019. . (photo credit: Courtesy)

Naftali Bennett, former Minister of education and current member of the "Yamina" party has presented in an election campaign video a supposed map of the "Deal of the Century".

In the map shown, Bennett present to us the area of the West Bank in black and white, claiming that the areas in white are the settlements that will become a part of Israel, and the area in black that will become a Palestinian state.

"The bad brilliance of this plan is that while no Jew will be forcefully expelled from his home like in Gush Katif, something worse will happen. All the Jewish communities will be left within the white areas over here which is less than 10%, and the black area will be Palestine. This means that you'll will isolated Jewish towns that are surrounded by an ocean of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority…"

He further explained then that no one will be forced out, but rather that they will choose to leave, because no one would want to live under such conditions.

Said has been presented before in a tweet by Bennett, though it was said by the Trump administration that they have "never seen it before," something that was backed by the Likud spokesman Yonatan Urich, who went even further and called it "Fake news."

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