Gazan cat gets life-saving medical treatment in Israel

The ally-cat was brought into Israel through the Erez Crossing.

September 4, 2019 09:50
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Gazan cat gets life-saving medical treatment in Israel

Gazan cat gets life-saving treatment in Israel. (photo credit: COGAT SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

After a cat was injured in a traffic accidents last week, the Coordination and Liaison Administration in Gaza (CLA) organized life-saving treatment for the feline in Israel.

The ally-cat was brought into Israel through the Erez Crossing from the Gaza Strip through combined efforts of the CLA and the Unit for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

"COGAT, through the CLA for Gaza and the Land Crossings Authority, makes possible this kind of effort for the welfare of animals that suffer in the difficult civil environment of the Gaza Strip,” said head of the CLA for Gaza, Colonel Lyad Sarhan. “We work together with the veterinary organizations in order to interface with the Palestinian side in the Gaza Strip for the humanitarian transfer of the animals.  The CLA will continue working around the clock to assist and advance humanitarian activities.”

The PTROA organization for animals' rights planned a veterinary visit for the feline to gain the life-saving medical treatment upon arrival in Israel.

In March, COGAT and the CLA saved the life of an African grey parrot from the Gaza Strip, who was improperly fed by its owners and was found with a hole in its throat. The parrot was brought into Israel through the Erez Crossing, as well, and his life was saved.

In April, COGAT and the CLA once again combined their efforts, this time with the animal rights organization “Four Paws” to arrange the safe passage of around 50 animals from Gaza to Israel. The animals were later distributed for protection to shelters around the world that could provide them with "better living conditions and for better administration of the care they required.”

Among those animals were lions, foxes, hyenas, monkeys, an ostrich, gazelles and others, COGAT reported then.

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