14 photos that perfectly capture summer in Israel

Fresh fruit, tan lines, unique views, and... jellyfish.

July 5, 2017 17:52
Sunset in Tel Aviv Israel

Sunset in Tel Aviv. (photo credit: Courtesy)

There's nothing quite like summertime in Israel. The weather is reliable, the people are happy, and the country is filled with visitors from around the globe. 

Well, we're currently in the midst of a heat wave across the country, and it can be hard to remember how incredible this place truly is when our immediate concerns are air conditioning, shade, and (lots) of antiperspirant. Actually, some people seem to think that last one is optional...

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Anyway, it’s nice to remind ourselves of the natural beauty that also comes with the occasionally uncomfortable warm weather. So here's 14 photos that perfectly capture the scenes of summer in Israel.

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