Eurovision AI-made unofficial 'anthem' set to make history

Although the song has been completed and released, it will only be unveiled to the public at the annual cloud conference of Oracle Israel, Oracle Cloud Day on May 14.

Eurovision 2019 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Eurovision 2019
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Izhar Cohen, Israel's first ever Eurovision winner has released a unique "unofficial anthem" for this year's Eurovision contest in Tel Aviv.
The reason for the song's uniqueness is that it was a song written and composed by a computer.
A group of Israeli artists and musicians, assisted by programmers and entrepreneurs, worked with Oracle, a company that creates cloud engineered systems, to create the ultimate Eurovision song.
The group fed 200 previous Eurovision entries into a machine learning cloud system to create melodies and lines. Composer-songwriter Amir Sheinfeld then selected the most suitable parts to create a song that symbolize the Eurovision spirit.
Thus, Cohen's new song "Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears" was born. The song's musical director is Avshalom Ariel, who also produced Netta Barzilai's 2018 Eurovision winning song "Toy" and her new hit "Bassa Sababa," and creative director & digital artist Nimrod Shapira.
Cohen's new song pushes the limits of Artificial Intelligence and ignites the debate of whether a machine could posses the creativeness to write a song that could move us. This groundbreaking project could be the future of music.
No better singer could be chosen to bring to life this ambitious Eurovision exclusive project than Izhar Cohen, Israel's Eurovision "king," who won the contest in 1978 with his song "Abanibi," and then represented Israel once more in 1985 where he finished in fifth place with his song "Oleh Oleh."
The song will be unveiled at the annual cloud conference of Oracle Israel, Oracle Cloud Day on May 14.

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