The Eurovision Song Contest, often shortened to just Eurovision, is a major annual music competition.

The contest, organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), sees countries from across Europe and beyond - including Israel, Azerbaijan and Australia - submit an original song and select an artist to perform the song in a live television and radio broadcast.

The competition has been held almost every year (barring 2020) since 1956 and is extremely popular around the world, and has helped launch the careers of some of the world's most iconic musical artists.

Overall, the songs tend to be cheerful and the event prides itself on being apolitical, though it has come under criticism for some controversies in the past.

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Viewers from countries not taking part in Eurovision will be able to vote for the first time ever – a move that could affect Israel’s prospects of winning the contest.

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No. 50 on The Jerusalem Post's Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2022: Israel's queen of pop, Noa Kirel.


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"We received the news with complete surprise. We are happy and thankful for the choice of Noa and are proud to represent the State of Israel with dignity," said Noa Kirel's representatives.

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The World Zionist Organization's Raheli Baratz-Rix said that Jews around the world are experiencing real antisemitism and Ben David is "crying wolf".

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