Half a million NIS needed to save the life of teenage Israeli girl

Kfar Saba resident Ronelle Tabadis suffers from a rare form of cancer and needs to receive a polio virus based treatment in North Carolina.

Ronel's story (Courtesy)
Israeli teenager Ronelle Tabadis enjoyed life as only a 15 year old can, painting and playing the piano and studying hard.
However, a year and a half ago she was diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor which is not responding to the available treatments in Sheba Medical Center in central Israel.
Her father, who also suffers from cancer and is treated at the same hospital, describes the new reality which shapes the life of his family these days.
“In the morning Ronelle goes to the hospital pediatric department,” he says, “and I continue to go to the adult oncology department.”
Sadly, the tumor lodged in Ronelle's brain does not respond to the variety of treatments that were tried so far. And her life is in intimidate danger.    
There is a new form of therapy which might work, it includes injecting Ronelle’s brain directly with a version of the polio virus that will, with luck, reduce the size of her tumor.
Such a treatment is offered in a hospital in North Carolina but had never been given to any non-US citizen and the cost of the procedure, as well as for the entire family staying in N. Carolina during the medical procedure  - is nearly half a million nis [127,000 USD].
To help the family raise this sum of money, please donate, if you share your Hanukka and Christmas money with the Tabadis family this young woman might still defeat cancer. 
To donate:
•    By phone: in Israel: +972-3-754-1900, In the US: 1-718-749-7757
•    To donate using a secure form on the Internet
•    Bank Transfer: Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd  (17), Branch: Yehuda Hanasi 0740, Account No. 45067, IBAN No.: IL120177400000066520748, BIC Code: BARDILIT, Currency: New Israeli Shekel, Name on Account: Rachashei Lev - Saving Ronelle
•    For more information: Liran: +972-52-369-8660

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