Yad Sarah prints large-font Haggada

Downloadable large-print Haggada available for vision disabled from Yad Sarah.

Hospital  beds. (photo credit: SAM SOKOL)
Hospital beds.
(photo credit: SAM SOKOL)
The Yad Sarah organization has not only prepared equipment to enable families to bring institutionalized relatives home for the Seder, but has also produced a printable, large-font Haggada so the visually-impaired can read it more easily.
Volunteers have repaired more than 1,500 items to put back into circulation so they can increase supplies of walkers, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, electrically operated hospital beds, pulleys and other items.
Passover is the ultimate family festival, and people want their elderly and disabled relatives with them at home, Yad Sarah director-general Moshe Cohen said on Tuesday.
“They bring them from geriatric homes and hospitals, and women who just gave birth also need help. We want to help people with difficulty functioning to be at home. We are trying to meet all requests for help.”
In Cohen’s experience, the demand for his organization’s medical equipment triples during the weeks before Passover.
By the end of next week, Yad Sarah, which has 103 branches around the country, will lend out some 4,000 wheelchairs and walkers alone. Its fleet of Nechonit vans for transporting the wheelchair-bound has also received a boost ahead of the festival of freedom. One can order a van by calling *6444.
In addition, for the first time, Yad Sarah has released a 67-page, Hebrew-language Passover Haggada, available for download at www.yadsarah.org.il/images/ stories/pdf/hagada.pdf in extralarge type so those with vision problems can follow the text.
The Haggada was produced by the Da’at organization for the study of Judaism at Herzog College in Alon Shvut.