Israeli company allows buyers to purchase, cultivate Holy Land plots

David Tavdi walks on farmland in Israel (photo credit: Courtesy)
David Tavdi walks on farmland in Israel
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Imagine possessing a piece of your ancestral homeland, Israel? It’s a dream come true for many. It’s also a commandment that can bring blessings upon us. The Land is the foundation that links us to our roots, while cultivating it and making it flourish, represent hope for a greener and brighter future. Indeed, many of God's commandments, such as Shmita (Sabbatical Year) are only applicable in this ancestral homeland, and until now, have been unattainable for most.
Introducing Founded by David Tavdi and Zev Zion, two New Yorker’s who made Aliyah because of their love for the land, seeks to connect the Diaspora to Israel in a simple and affordable way. Whether for religious or Zionist reasons, you can now establish an everlasting bond to your ancestral homeland by possessing a parcel (1.5m x 1.5m or about 25sq. feet) of land within an agricultural field in Yavne’el, a town in the Galilee that translates to “God will Build”. All for the modest sum of $360. Click here to see how it works.
This initiative, started earlier this year, is gaining popularity, and is endorsed by a number of Rabbis , including Yosef Mizrachi. In addition to buying the lots for themselves, many have also purchased lots as gifts for loved ones, especially for the upcoming holidays. Some have also purchased in memory of a deceased family member.
The purchase price is a one-time expenditure, and assumes all the expenses and responsibilities of farming and maintaining the land.
Another option for those so inclined, is to have their lot de-lineated so they can cultivate it and reap the harvest themselves. There were 888 lots available initially, many of which have been already sold. Spelt wheat, olive and fig trees were recently planted.
The term “Holy” is often used for something that stands apart, is different, and designated. That is why the Land of Israel is so special. It is the land of “The Book.” A land that God constantly looks after, considers gift worthy, and holds to a higher standard. Indeed, the great sages of the Talmud maintained that the Land and the Torah are intertwined and inseparable. One can only flourish with the other.
“And the Lord your God will bring you to the land which your fathers possessed, and you shall posses it; and He will make you more prosperous and more numerous than your fathers.”
(Deuteronomy 30:5)
To purchase, or learn more, please visit Own The Holy Land, or call David Tavdi in Jerusalem at +972-(0)54-695-0437 or Zev Tzion in New York at 718-877-8944