Suspect in Cyprus gang rape shows video, asks police 'Do you see a rape?'

The Israeli youth is being held in Cyprus with 11 other teenagers for the alleged rape of a British tourist.

Rape thinkstock 370 (photo credit: thinkstock )
Rape thinkstock 370
(photo credit: thinkstock )
One of the Israeli teenagers accused of joining in the gang rape of a 19-year-old British tourist in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, last week shared with Cypriot police a video he made of himself on his mobile phone engaging in sexual relations with her along with two of his friends, Mako reported on Sunday. After showing police the footage, he asked them: “Do you see a rape here?”
The youth has been held by police since July 17 because the British woman complained that she was gang-raped in a case that has made headlines in Israel.
Many of the parents of the young men have complained that they feel the allegations are “false” and that their children are “good kids, ahead of their military service.”
It is unknown when the film was made. Both the main suspect and the British woman admit that they engaged in sexual relations prior to the alleged rape, and the film might have been taken as part of a consensual act.
Three of the Israeli suspects have taken the advice of their local attorney and are maintaining their right to remain silent.
The woman is expected to point out her alleged attackers in a line-up, after which the police will decide who will remain in custody and who will be released.
The Israelis requested to meet the British woman with police present to discuss the allegations she made, but were refused.
The attorney for two of the suspects told the media that he expects a “dramatic turn” in the case, but refused to divulge any more details.