On eve of Jewish New Year, Israel's population hits 8.4 million

Israel's population will hit 10 million between 2025-2030, according to CBS forecast.

September 8, 2015 14:31
Jewish and Arab football

Children playing soccer (file). (photo credit: COURTESY NEW ISRAEL FUND)

On the eve of the Jewish New Year there were 8.412 million people living in Israel, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported on Tuesday.

Since last New Year, Israel's population grew by 158,000, a 1.9% increase.

Jews made up 6.3 million of the population (74.9%); there were 1.746 million Arabs (20.7%) and 366,000 thousand other residents (4.4%). 

The CBS forecasted that Israel's population between 2025-2030 would reach ten million.  

Over the last year, 168,000 babies were born in Israel and 42,000 people died. 

Net migration to Israel over the last year was 32,000. Of this number, 28,000 were olim, representing a 35% increase over last year.  Most of the olim came from the Ukraine (26%), France (25%), Russia (21%), and the US (9%).


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