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Mutual responsibility

Education Minister Rafi Peretz has designated the coming year as the year of “Mutual Responsibility,” with schoolchildren being taught about the different sectors that make up Israeli society.

Jewish wedding

Is intermarriage really the demise of Jews in America?

What is not appreciated by those who view intermarriage as bringing about the demise of the Jewish people is that the US Jewish population has actually been steadily increasing.

Haredi men gather in Jerusalem for the funeral of Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach

Haredi population projections to be less than previous estimates

“Forecasts based on natural growth rates, which do not take other factors into account, should be treated cautiously."

Fundamentally Freund: Demography and Jewish destiny

We are standing on the cusp of a tidal wave of return, one that will see countless Jewish descendants reconnect with Jewry. Let’s embrace this opportunity.

Percentage of vehicles older than a decade in Israel's biggest cities, 2016

Reaching the road

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

INTERNATIONAL INDEXES rank Israel as democratically stable compared to the rest of the world and fin

Israel: Crying or laughing?

The general picture produced by the Democracy Index is of a manic-depressive society.

By Yedidia Z. Stern
Children look out of the family house of Palestinian Mohammad Al-Salahe, 32, in Al-Faraa refugee cam

Terra Incognita: Armchair demographers, the Diaspora, Israel and baby-counting racism

Jerusalem may have holy sites that the world has an interest in, but the demographics of Jerusalem should be of no concern to anyone.

The demography of Jerusalem

If current trends continue, the ratio of Jews and non-Jews will level off around mid-century, and thereafter Jews in Jerusalem will be the minority.

A VIEW of the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ramot (foreground) and Ramat Shlomo (background).

PM delays vote on bill annexing Greater Jerusalem after US frowns on it

The bill in question seeks to legalize the annexation of 19 settlements to the capital and has sparked a heated debate in the government.

Sergio DellaPergola

The reinvention of Jewish space

Israel’s imminent emergence as the Jewish nation’s demographic center will revolutionize Jewish history.

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