Second dead cow washed up on Tel Aviv beach in nine days

Beach goers were shocked to discover the body of a large cow on the beach at Yafo, only eight days ago a dead calf was found on a beach in north Tel Aviv.

June 9, 2019 19:23
Dead calf washes up on HaTzuk Beach in Tel Aviv June 1, 2019

Dead calf washes up on HaTzuk Beach in Tel Aviv June 1, 2019. (photo credit: ANIMALS)

The body of a cow was discovered on Sunday on Dog’s Beach in Yafo, Ynet reported.

The body seemed to have been tossed from a shipping container used for live transport of cattle. 
“At first we thought it might be a person,” said a man who spoke with Ynet, “only when it came out we saw it was a cow.” He described it as “bloated and foul.”
Due to the beach being designated for dogs the dead cow is attracting a great deal of attention from canines. 
Animal right groups claim that the animals being thrown overboard are not always dead but might be sick or hurt and are being tossed aside once they are deemed unlikely to survive the journey. 
The animals are meant to be slaughtered in Israel and eaten. 
The crew is careful to remove the ear-tag of the animals they toss to cover their tracks. 

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