meat and health

meat and health

Pumpkin seeds and fly larva: the meat of the future?

These companies’ alternative proteins could make their way into the kitchen in only a few years.

The future of lab-grown meat and how it can meet the need for protein

A few products are already in restaurants and on supermarket shelves.


Have your veggies and eat schnitzel too: Bio Meat Foodtech makes 'chicken'

"Rilbite is creating lines of products that are the new and advanced generation of plant-based meat replacements," said Bio Meat Foodtech CEO Jil Gamon.

Aleph Farms' world's first "cell-grown" minute steak

Israeli company makes 3-D-printed ribeye steak

The startup boasted that it tastes like “a delicious tender, juicy ribeye steak you’d buy from the butcher.”

COW’S MILK can be replaced with almond or coconut milk

Israel's alternate protein market grows, vegan substitutes more popular

Thanks to new products in the markets, Israelis have become more aware of the environmental impact of food production and its health impact.

World’s first lab-grown meat restaurant opens near Tel Aviv

“The burger has a juicy chicken flavor, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside,” SuperMeat CEO Ido Savir said.

Meat free burgers on offer by Beyond Meat at a foodtech conference in Tel Aviv.

Major meatless meet-up showcases Israeli foodtech

Israel has secured its place as an early and leading player in the fields of plant-based culinary innovation and cultured meat, grown in the laboratory from extracted animal cells.


Israeli slaughter-free meat start-up launches visitor center

The visitor center aims to educate the public regarding the potential and importance of producing meat with full traceability, without harming animals.

The food of Canaan steakhouse

At the foot of the skyscraper: Canaan steakhouse

Canaan is a steakhouse frequented by large families and groups

Crime scene [illustrative]

One of Israel’s first gangsters, Tuvia Oshry, dies age 82

Head of Israel’s first organized crime gang, Tuvia Oshry, died this Sunday.

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