WATCH: Snakes in your green salad

Shoppers in the Israeli Shufersal chain were surprised to find a live snake in the vegetable department.

September 17, 2017 14:59

Snake found in the supermarket

Snake found in the supermarket

Israeli shoppers eager to get their Rosh Hashana food shopping done ahead of time were shocked to discover a live snake stuck inside a plastic wrapper containing lettuce.      

This did not happen to the shoppers, however, snakes are not always friendly.

It is unclear how the snake was able to survive the packing process and remain undetected but the manager called a professional snake-catcher that safely disposed of the unwanted addition.

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The most famous snake catcher in Israel was the late Yaakov Sela, Sela became obsessed with snakes after he was bitten by one as a teenager and claimed vipers make excellent pets . His obsession led him to keep snakes as pets, go out to the wild (and even Lebanon) to hunt for exotic snakes and teach youth with a problematic background about snakes as part of their recovery process. The young men and women idolized him. 

This self-claimed King of the Snakes came to a tragic end in 1996 when he was shot by a former student of his and an accomplice. The reason for the murder was a financial debt the ex-student owned Sela and the romantic relationship between Sela and his killer's mother, who was also keeping snakes a pets.

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