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Sukkot: Ashkenazi-Sephardi blend cuisine for the holiday

While the Ashkenazi/Sephardi mash-up is a bold choice, and there is something to be said about preserving our traditions, this soup represents the beauty of Israel and the Jewish people. Enjoy!

By Ellie Rudee

Having trouble coming up with holiday gifts? Here are some ideas

Rosh Hashanah is the holiday of gifts, especially for those who are being hosted for the holiday and don't want to come empty-handed. So here are some options: some more and some less conventional.

By Walla!

Hanukkah’s hidden hazard: Baker’s asthma

Every year, more than 30,000,000 sufganiyot (Hanukkah donuts) are sold in Israel. Yet, while people indulge, the workers who prepare this oily treat may suffer from "baker’s asthma." Why?

By Walla!

In the grain: Festive food of routine

The Jewish year is filled with festivals, each with its own customary, hallmark food - here is a recipe for country bread.


Holiday treats to make for the family

Here are some honey cakes to try this year. Shana tova!

THE ‘CORONA’ Haggadah by the Association for Children at Risk-The Center for Autism Treatment and Re

Plagues, games and more: Passover gifts for a year unlike any other

Some will find such gifts to be not in the best possible taste, but if you take them with a grain of salt – or maybe salted water – they could be fun.

Hamantaschen from Jerusalem's Marzipan bakery

What is the Jewish holiday with the unhealthiest food?

Dr. Maya Rozman answers which holiday has the unhealthiest food and explains how to make mishloach manot healthier.


We let our kids plan Hanukkah this year — and it taught me so much

We’ve had to learn how to adapt and bring what we could from our normal communal structures into our homes.

NO SHAME: You may have eaten sufganiyot blanketed in sugar over Hanukkah – and that’s OK.

'Abu Dhabi' doughnut a Hanukkah hit in Israel

The new product, Itzik Kadosh said on Sunday, was a way "to appreciate the peace process" upon which Israel and the UAE have embarked.


Hanukkah: Guide to a safe holiday with kids

Experts from child safety organizations have answered questions regarding how to ensure a safe holiday for children.

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