Yair Netanyahu tweets hope leftists die of coronavirus following protest

"I hope the elderly people who die following this protest will be from your bloc," the younger Netanyahu junior wrote on Twitter.

YAIR NETANYAHU at a recent court hearing. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)
YAIR NETANYAHU at a recent court hearing.
(photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's eldest son Yair Netanyahu stirred controversy Thursday night after expressing hope that the elderly people who die of COVID-19 at a protest against his father in Tel Aviv will be leftists.
"I hope the elderly people who die following this protest will be from your bloc," Netanyahu wrote on Twitter, replying to a photo of the Tel Aviv protest posted by Meretz head MK Nitzan Horowitz.
Thousands gathered Thursday evening in Tel Aviv's HaBima Square to protest the talks between Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud party and former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz's Blue and White party.
"According to the emergency regulation and the Popular Health Order approved by the cabinet, protests are regarded as an essential right that should be reserved for every citizen as long as all restrictions and instructions are obeyed," police said about the event.
"For that reason, even in a state of national emergency, the Israel Police protects every individual's freedom of speech and the right to protest, within the boundaries of the law. The police [is in contact with] protest organizers before demonstrations and uses reinforcements during the protests in order to maintain the integrity of the regulations, while relying on the balanced discretion of field officers," the statement continued. 
Police called on protesters to maintain the Health Ministry's regulations, particularly those concerning social distancing and the use of face masks, though pictures from the event showed that these regulations were not maintained.
Earlier this week, black flag activists who protested by former IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi's residence in Kfar Saba were fined by law enforcement for allegedly violating the ministry's instructions.
Horowitz uploaded a picture of himself at the protest to Twitter, leading to Netanyahu junior's controversial tweet.
"A very strong protest at HaBima Square right now," the caption above Horowitz's picture said. "Fighting corruption, fighting for democracy."
The younger Netanyahu eventually deleted his controversial tweet, following a response from his father.
"The prime minister vehemently denounces the words," Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a statement. "In the battle against coronavirus, there are no political blocs, and there must not be. The prime minister is working around the clock to protect the health and lives of all Israeli citizens, with no exception," he concluded.
"It is unbelievable how many stupid and populist journalists there are," Netanyahu junior said after deleting his tweet. "Nitzan Horowitz took a picture of himself at a 'protest' sponsored by [former prime minister] Ehud Barak, which should not have been legal these days in the first place (a minyan in a synagogue is not allowed!)," he continued.
"I was furious because I understand that 'protest' will most certainly lead to the death of elderly people," he said, adding it was "nearly definite from a statistical point of view," as there were hundreds of protesters at the event. "I just wanted to show [Horowitz] the meaning of [the protesters'] actions! That they literally jeopardize not only our lives and the lives of our parents and grandparents, but the lives of their parents and grandparents as well!" he continued.
"But, since I have no power in me for such a pointless and meaningless war [over a tweet], I decided I preferred to delete it. Do not worry, Nitzan Horowitz's tweet showing him taking pride at an action that will lead to the deaths of elderly people, remains," he said.
Horowitz himself responded to Netanyahu junior, saying "Yair Netanyahu's outrageous words are repulsive. His incitement and the death wishes to members of the opposite political bloc are disgraceful and only highlight the importance of our struggle against corruption and for democracy."
According to Horowitz, "in these times in particular, it is critical to protect citizens' fundamental rights."
Horowitz added he was "proud of the protesters that take the streets to protect the free Israeli society, and suggest Yair Netanyahu go wash his mouth with alcogel."
Yesh-Atid-Telem MK Ram Ben Barak also responded to Yair Netanyahu's tweet, saying he is "not even telling you to be ashamed of yourself, because it will not help anymore. The defendant, interim Prime Minister Netanyahu's dearest son. It is unbelievable what gets out of his [Netanyahu's] family at the prime minister's residence."