Fostering understanding behind the ‘unbreakable bond’

The INSS partners with the Ruderman Family Foundation in one-year-program.

Jay Ruderman (photo credit: NOAM GALAI)
Jay Ruderman
(photo credit: NOAM GALAI)
The Ruderman Family Foundation and INSS have joined forces to explore ways to strengthen the ties that form this “unbreakable bond.” The one-year program called “The American Jewish Community and Israel’s National Security,” aims to establish a foundation of knowledge to facilitate increased awareness – throughout the foreign affairs and security community and among decision makers and the shapers of public opinion in Israel.
“We recognize that the relationship between Israel and the American Jewish community is a matter of national security for Israel, which led us to work with the leading national security organization in Israel,” Ruderman Family Foundation President, Jay Ruderman says, explaining why he chose to team up with INSS. “Educating policymakers and the defense establishment on the American Jewish community will create conversations and policy change for the people and the State of Israel.”
“Despite their differences, the two largest Jewish communities in the world depend on each other for their combined future viability,” Ruderman adds.
As for major rifts like the one that appeared in the wake of the now reneged Western Wall deal and conversion law controversy, communication is key.
“The solution to a better relationship between Israeli and American Jews lies in better communication, dialogue and mutual respect regarding what both bring to the overall worldwide community. Instead of talking at each other, we need to talk with each other on overcoming the differences that lie between us,” he says. “The reality facing the Israeli and American Jewish communities is very different. Nevertheless, the two largest Jewish communities in the world depend on each other for their combined future viability. Although the connection between American Jews and Israel is changing, we believe the vast majority of American Jews support and remain connected to the State of Israel.
“However, when American Jews receive messages from ministers and the Israeli government, that they are not fully accepted as a part of the worldwide Jewish community, it leads to rifts.”