'Guardian' slams rise in anti-Semitism as Europe anger over Gaza operation grows

Criticism of Israel's policies is legitimate, but attacking synagogues and Jewish institutions is "vile, contemptible racism."

August 10, 2014 17:53
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European Jews

Jews in Europe are facing increasing hostility motivated by anti-Semitism.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

The Guardian, one of Britain’s most leading newspapers, used its editorial on Friday to warn of the dangers of European anti-Semitism, which has been fueled in recent weeks by the war in Gaza.

Citing the numerous violent attacks against Jews, synagogues and other institutions on the continent in recent years, the newspaper condemned “the conflation of Jews and Israel” while denouncing those who would exploit their anger over Israeli policies toward the Palestinians by attacking Jews in the Diaspora.

“As we reported [on Friday], during the course of a single July week, eight synagogues in France were attacked, one of them firebombed by a 400-strong crowd, whose chants and banners included ‘Death to Jews’ and ‘Slit Jews’ throats,’” wrote The Guardian “More chilling still, given that country’s history, Molotov cocktails have been hurled at synagogues in Germany, where chants heard at pro-Palestinian protests have included ‘Jew, coward pig, come out and fight alone,’ and ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.’” The newspaper was prompted to tackle the subject after last week’s controversy surrounding London’s Tricycle Theater, which refused to host the UK Jewish Film Festival unless organizers rejected funding from the Israeli Embassy.

“It should not need saying, but it does: people can be as angry as they like at the Israeli government, but to attack a synagogue, threaten children at a Jewish school, or throw a brick through the window of a Jewish grocery store is vile and contemptible racism,” The Guardian wrote.

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