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Israel's environment, due to the country's size and climate, is very susceptible to crises. This has made it a world leader in environmental solutions like water management, the use of solar energy, clean tech, environmental planning, recycling and agricultural technology. 'Environment' provides you with the latest environmental news from Israel.

Israeli recycling technology aims to revolutionize global waste

Producing one ton of UBQ material is equivalent to stopping the melting of 35 square-meters of arctic ice.


Overweight hedgehog finds new home in Ramat Gan Safari

While a chubby hedgehog may sound endearing, Sherman experienced difficulty walking due to his extra weight.

THE BALLOT slips from the last elections are seen this week at the Israel Central Election Committee

Why have we not switched to online voting yet?

It is not that the ability does not exist.

A general view shows Dead Sea Works factory at the Dead Sea, Israel July 17, 2018

Israel to establish multi-million dollar environmental protection lab

The planned laboratory will join the Innovation Authority's five technological innovation laboratories established under the organization's laboratories incentive program since 2017.


Hike of the Month – Masada

Make your visit to Masada an Unforgettable Hiking Experience!

 A clownfish and a sea anemone find shelter in plastic waste in a coral reef off the coast of Eilat

TAU research shows shocking amount of microplastic in maritime organisms

When beach-goers litter, the waste washes out to sea and may break up into smaller pieces.

euros were recovered in a smuggling attempt at Ben Gurion Airport

Israel foils smuggling of rare birds at Ben Gurion Airport

"The establishment of INPA's new intelligence unit has a significant contribution in our efforts to advance law enforcement and protecting wildlife," Shamir added.

Shmuel haNavi heritage site

Nature and Parks Authority holds 'volunteer week'

Volunteering activities range from beach cleaning, park and reserve maintenance and tour trips to archeological sites.

Nature Reserve Tel Hazeka in the Golan Heights

Two new nature reserves await government approval

"Unfortunately, the process of declaring a nature reserve in Israel is too long and in the end both nature and man pay the price," Goldstein added.

Mount Arbel

Hike of the Month – Mount Arbel

The mountain has a very long human history. In the northern cliffs, the Arbel fortress is carved into the cliff.

Sarig Spring

Hike of the Month - Springs around Jerusalem

In the small area of the "Jerusalem Mountains" alone, there are about 60-70 such springs. Some of them can be visited very easily by car or public transport.

Dor Habonim beach by Lahav Center

Hike of the Month - Along Israel's Mediterranean coast

On these routes you will find magical picnic spots and scenic beach strips, perfect for a sunset walk.

Petah Tikvah's ecological park opens (August 28, 2018).

Petah Tikvah's ecological park opens to general public

As the lake is an ecological lake it might appear green for the first few weeks because of the seaweed. However this is safe for animals, trees and people.

Snir Stream

Hike of the Month - The Jordan River Tributaries

The Jordan River tributaries offer both "wet" and "dry" hikes.

Rebekah Saltzman teaches how to live the decluttered life, sustainably

Environmentalism starts at home

Pro tip: start with your closet.

Majrase in the Betiha Valley

Hike of the Month - Betiha (Bet Tsayda) Valley

Water Hikes involve walking long stretches inside the stream-bed either wading or swimming.

Opinion video: The environmental impact of war

Palestinians have launched explosive kites and balloons into Israel, burning over 7,000 acres of land, damaging the local ecosystems for years in a way that will hurt both Israelis and Palestinians.

A bicycle rack as part of Tel Aviv's Tel-O-Fun bike-sharing program.

Tel Aviv ranked 16th greenest city in the world

From the bike-sharing program Tel-O-Fun to its new car-sharing service, the city is trying to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Firefighters use water to dilute ammonia leaking from a chemical plant

Earth Day: Israel's top 5 environmental woes

For a green country, there's plenty of room for environmental improvement in Israel.

via dolorosa

Christ's 'crown of thorns' tree may help in climate change fight

Just as that crown is associated with suffering and death followed by resurrection, the researchers hope the tree can help support life in areas threatened by deadly heat.

A "Wind Energizer" built by Leviathan Energy Renewables

British energy giant scouring Israeli energy tech

In a bid to stay competitive, executives from the energy giant toured the country last week, meeting with and looking at investments in several Israeli start-ups.

Simon Wiesenthal Center

A rabbi, a priest and an imam walk into a conference

Revealing the connection between religion and ecology

Stolen goats found in trunk in Tamra

Israel Police catch thieves with 8 goats crammed in their trunk

Police in northern Israel stopped a vehicle that was found to have eight stolen goats in the trunk.

Academics file class action suit for pollution of Negev’s Bokek stream

The suit documents massive contamination from Rotem Amfert Negev and Dead Sea Priclase Fused Products of the Havurat Yehudah aquifer.

Energy Minister calls for banning diesel, gas-based cars in Israel

Such a move would put Israel on the map of eco-innovation.

Large-scale, semi-arid forests could cool the planet

Large semi-arid forests could cool the planet

Planting the 'right kind' of forests could have a measurably positive influence on the climate and help offset global warming.

Migrating starlings fly in formation across the sky near the southern Israeli town of Rahat

WATCH: Dancing clouds of starlings take wing in Israel

There has been a notable drop off in the number of birds to winter in Israel over the last 20 years.


Sherman the overweight hedgehog trims down

After feasting on cat food, Sherman the hedgehog has made remarkable strides in shedding his extra grams.

Snow on Mt. Hermon

WATCH: 2018 hits Israel by storm

It's time to bring out your winter coat.

Whale shark swimming in Eilat

Israeli Parks warn divers: Don’t pet the sharks

Sharks enjoy swimming in the warm water pumped into the sea by the Hadera power station, but Israeli divers are warned not to come too close.

Lake Kinneret

Sinking Kinneret to get infusion of desalinated water

With Israel apparently approaching a fifth-consecutive dry year, the Kinneret has dropped to dangerously low levels.

Plastic bottles to be sold for recycling are seen at a storage

New recycling plant inaugurated in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbay inaugurated the Greennet recycling plant on Tuesday afternoon.

Haifa bay

Environment Ministry launches plan to reduce air pollution in Haifa Bay region

Ministry publishes main principles of plan after environment ministers met over the weekend with city's mayor, members of task force appointed 2 weeks ago for formulating such a program.


Finance Committee chairman Gafni demands competition, price controls in gas sector

Antitrust commissioner: 'Companies have enormous power over the government'

Bus Station

Environment Ministry: Dan and Egged causing most pollution in heavy vehicle sector

The ministry drew its conclusions after examining the 2014 emissions of the heavy vehicle companies across the nation.

Beit Hazikuk

Environment minister launches task force to reduce Haifa Bay air pollution

Over a 10-year period, about 780 of the 4,860 cancer cases found in the region likely resulted from air pollution.

Samar sands region in the Arava

Environmentalists claim victory as sand mining to stop at Samar

In the past, the Samar sands area encompassed about 7 sq. km., of which only about 1.9 sq. km. remains today, the INPA said.

Israel's natural gas

Netanyahu on natural gas: We will not repeat mistakes of other countries

Steinitz calls compromise outline over Leviathan "balanced, responsible and appropriate."


Kahlon recuses himself from gas sector

Kahlon cited a conflict of interest in the case due to his friendship with Koby Maimon.

water facet

Experts call for urgent construction of wastewater treatment facilities in West Bank

Cross-border study finds presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals minimal in Israeli, Palestinian treated wastewater.

 biofilter inauguration in Ramla on Wednesday

KKL-JNF installs second Biofilter mechanism to trap runoff in Ramle

Developed by Israeli researcher Yaron Zinger at Monash University in Australia, successful tests of the Biofilter have been completed already in Kfar Saba in 2010.

Todd Stern

Most influential Jewish environmentalists

From the Jerusalem Post's '50 most influential Jews.'


Mosquitoes infected with West Nile found in Or Yehuda, Eilat

Environmental Protection Ministry recommends residents take precautions: reduce standing water, use insect repellants, install window screens.

Extreme conservationist and adventurer Braam Malherbe

Extreme conservationist, adventurer Braam Malherbe visits Israel

South African government must increase enforcement against rhino poachers, Malherbe says.

Bérengère Quincy

Israeli officials, NGOs preparing for UN climate talks in Paris this year

Countries must work together to counter onset of global warming, says visiting ambassador.

Yuval  Steinitz

Steinitz pledges commitment to developing Israel's gas sector

Likud member makes remarks at minister exchange ceremony with outgoing post-hold Silvan Shalom.

water facet

Mexican water expert: Education, management key tools to solving water crisis

Water scarcity is a real challenge facing many countries around the globe, and education may hold the key to preserving this crucial resource.


Government considering allowing exports from Tamar before Leviathan connection

Sources: Enabling int'l gas sales from Tamar prior to Leviathan’s connection would permit companies to advance deals with neighboring countries.

Gaza Strip

Is the regional water crisis a bigger problem than Islamic State?

Daniel Pipes to ‘Post’: Only Israel, with its cutting-edge scientific prowess, can offer assistance to the region.

Yona Yahav

Haifa mayor demands freeze in bay area infrastructure expansion

Mayor Yona Yahav orders special bus to shuttle activists from Haifa to Jerusalem to protest in capital's municipal plaza on Sunday.


Hydrocarbons identified at southern Golan Heights

While hydrocarbons were identified, comprehensive scientific evaluations are required to determine whether the presence of such materials indicates oil, gas, condensate or none of the above.

Golan oil rig

Hydrocarbons identified at southern Golan Heights drilling site

Comprehensive scientific evaluations required to determine whether the hydrocarbons indicate oil, gas, condensate or none of the above.

haifa port

State comptroller slams Environment Ministry’s air pollution monitoring deficiencies

Joseph Shapira criticized the office for failing to both update regulations on the subject and finish classifying factories according to potential damage level.

Food [illustrative]

Comptroller: Mission to provide food for all people has become major challenge of humanity

Food loss has social, environmental and economic consequences, such as an inability to use such food for the purpose of feeding the needy according to the comptroller.

canstruction of watermelon

Giant watermelon among canned food sculptures on display in Park Ra'anana

Canstruction is a non-profit organization with canned food art exhibitions in over 150 cities worldwide annually.

google israel

Google Street View cameras to bring Israel National Trail alive

Tech giant teams up with Israel's Society for the Protection of Nature.


The Travel Advisor: The walking dead

Go online, call your travel consultant, but find alternative flights that you can suggest to the airline employee.

haifa port

Environment Ministry fines Haifa Port NIS 3.7 million for violating clean air law

Ministry alleges that site has been unloading goods illegally and thereby violating law.

eu flag (european union)

WHO: Air pollution costs Europe $1.6t. annually for deaths, health

About 600,000 premature deaths and diseases linked to air pollution takes an economic toll, equivalent to nearly one-tenth of the 2013 gross domestic product of the entire European Union.

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