DIFFICULT MARKET Re: "Thought for food," October 20. I have never understood why people love the Mahaneh Yehuda market so much. It's impossibly noisy, often quite dirty and the thick crowds make navigating the market difficult for senior citizens. A proper supermarket is much more civilized and convenient in my opinion. My grandchildren do love it though, and a trip to the "shuk" is always one of the highlights of their visits to Jerusalem. Pinchas Feigelstein Rehavia ...CULINARY ACTION On a recent visit to Israel I was struck by the variety of restaurants in Jerusalem. From sushi to Italian, French, dairy, Asian fusion - there is almost no cuisine that cannot be found in the city. The country has come a long way since my last visit in 1978, when the culinary highlight was a meal at a neighborhood felafel stand. Gaby Rosen New York ...TOO MUCH VARIETY Thank you, In Jerusalem for your story about the new Israeli cuisine. The standard of Jerusalem's restaurants has improved out of sight in the past few years. One thing I am not proud of, however, is the proliferation of nonkosher restaurants that can be found in all areas of the city. Once, it was barely necessary to check if a restaurant had kashrut certification. Now, on the other hand, there are almost as many nonkosher eateries as in Tel Aviv. Chaim Cohen Ramot Eshkol LIFE BEGINS AT 50 Re: "Who me, 50?" October 20. The time between my 49th birthday and my 50th was the longest year of my life. At 50, I thought, I would finally be classified as "old" rather than "middle-aged." People would begin to give me their seats on buses and no one would ever hire me for a job. But soon after the big day dawned, I began to realize that being 50 was not that different from being 49. And then that being 51 was not that different from being 50. And so on and so forth. I now anxiously await my 60th birthday next month. Suzanne Green Jerusalem WRONG WAY The Segways mentioned in Corridors of Power (October 13) are not korkinets (scooters). They have electric motors and aren't leg-powered. And they cost about $5,000 each! They are adult toys with some practical uses. Information about them can be found on Wikipedia and at www.segway.com Seymour Haber Jerusalem SIGNS OF THE TIMES Do my eyes deceive me? Traveling north on the Begin highway, a sign reads, "Givat Shaul: 1,000 meters." Not long afterward, a sign proclaims that the next exit, Givat Shaul, is coming up in 1.5 kilometers. Is this yet another sign that there is mayhem on our roads? Jerry Neuman Jerusalem

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