If your Hebrew is reasonably fluent but you're unfamiliar with the word Matatz, don't blame your ulpan teacher. The neologism, an acronym for Maslul Tahbura Tziburit (Public Transit Lane) is going to be on the tip of Jerusalemites' tongues this fall and winter as roadwork - and traffic interruptions - gear up for the construction of the city's Red Line LRT and Blue Line bus-lane slated to open in just over two years. Roadwork has been almost completed on Derech Hebron, Keren Hayesod and King George streets. The chaos will shortly move north as improvements begin on the Matatz bus lane on Yehezkiel and Strauss. Those streets will be permanently closed to private vehicles to allow buses to zip ahead. Cars will be redirected to a ring road encircling downtown Jerusalem. Though a brochure outlines that route, previously reported in In Jerusalem, no information is available in Hebrew or English on the LRT's Web site, www.rakevetkala-jerusalem.org.il.

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