A taste of Spain’s Hanukka 2014 celebrations

Madrid’s Hanukka has become part of the city’s traditions.

December 25, 2014 15:42
4 minute read.
The Plaza de la Villa Spain

The Plaza de la Villa in the center of downtown Madrid is packed in honor of the Festival of Lights,. (photo credit: CENTRO SEFARAD)

On December 18, Madrid celebrated the miracle of Hanukka for the seventh year in a public ceremony. The venue was the Plaza de la Villa, close to the Plaza Mayor where, in medieval times, judaizers were judged and condemned for stubborn adherence to their faith, despite official conversions to Catholicism.

In attendance at the lighting of the third candle, carried out by Chief Rabbi Moshe Bendahan, were a majority of Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews, both tourists and residents, as well as some practicing Christians. Most interesting, however, were the lapsed Catholics – whose ancestral Jewish identity is beginning to surface.


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