Giving victims a voice

When it comes to fighting terror, Richard Heideman means business. He and his law firm, Heideman Nudelman & Kalik, have been busy suing state sponsors of terrorism such as Libya, Iran and Syria.

September 27, 2013 09:50
Richard Heideman

Richard Heideman . (photo credit: Geoff Chesman visual)

While walking on campus at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, one day, Richard Heideman saw an advertisement for a program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem focusing on the legal aspects of the Middle East conflict. Most students walk by without a second thought; however, Heideman is not most students and this poster would go on to not only change his life but affect the course of history, the war on terror and the international legal system.

Heideman and his wife, Phyllis, came to Israel on this program multiple times, even returning after Heideman’s graduation, taking advantage of the opportunity to interface with the Jewish state’s people and be exposed to realities on the ground. These experiences left an indelible mark – making the comparative law of Israel and its neighbors, and the legal aspects of the Middle East conflict, in his words, “part of my DNA.”


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