Transmitting values

Being a mensch starts with a single, simple act.

September 20, 2013 15:30
GIVING CHARITY is a sure way to increase happiness

People giving charity 311. (photo credit:

Forty-six years later I once again experienced the same feeling as I handed over money to someone entirely unknown to me. This woman was not quite a complete stranger – she came to me via a trusted friend. I handed over the bag with the coins and bills that had been taken out of one of our tzedaka boxes and lovingly counted by our children. They had all agreed that this money should go to JobKatif, a charity aimed at helping those from Gush Katif resettle and find jobs; all donations to them are tripled through matching funds from the government.

And as I did this, my thoughts went back to the main street of a very small Canadian town, a very long time ago.


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