It's after the holiday!

Warm up to a few new items designed for this season and don’t forget to relax, have a nice cup of tea and enjoy the cooler weather.

October 26, 2017 15:50
4 minute read.
Black tea

Black tea. (photo credit: courtesy)

Palatable pastilles to the rescue
Bach Rescue Pastilles, suitable for the whole family, are flavorful candies that use the Original Bach Flower Remedy formula. Developed by Dr. Edward Bach nearly 100 years ago, the Rescue remedy is used around the world to relieve stress. The pastilles are ideal during exams and other trying situations. They come in a tin with an easy “press on the lid” opening and closing mechanism and are convenient to carry anywhere. The taste is very pleasant. I tried the black currant flavor, which has no added sugar.
NIS 40.

Pro probiotics
With school under way and the weather changing every day, it’s also the time when many families bring out the antibiotics. To avoid too many illnesses this season, some experts suggest adding probiotics to not only your diet but also to that of your children. The new kids’ food supplement Probiotic LLG drops by Altman includes the LGG probiotics recommended by doctors around the world. It’s safe to use and easy to give to kids. According to the company, Altman’s research reveals that the drops help control stomach aches in children, reduce diarrhea in infants and youngsters, avoid upper-respiratory tract infections and more.
NIS 108.80.

The same but different
As part of Osem’s new health strategy, the company has launched a new version of its all-time favorite cookie, the Petit Beurre. Made with 50% whole grains, the new cookie was added to the Nutritional Plus line that Osem introduced a few months ago. The new version will be sold in the same size packages and for the same price as the former one.


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