Lessons we learn, lessons we transmit

There is never a good time to die, and for those we love, who are young or young at heart, we can’t help but feel that they died before their time.

September 13, 2017 17:18
Cartoon student

Cartoon student. (photo credit: VAL B. MINA/TNS)

I recently received the news that a colleague, a senior psychiatry professor I worked with in New York a number of years ago, passed away after a short illness from a very aggressive cancer. Hearing from another colleague just how old our mutual friend was, I was shocked to discover that he was 78 years old. How was it possible that since I hadn’t aged, he had? I couldn’t imagine him being “that old,” in part because he was always so young at heart.

While my body reminds me that I, too, must be getting older, in my head I haven’t aged more than a year in the 33 years ago since the three of us would occasionally put out the “Do Not Disturb – In Session” sign on the door in the Mount Sinai Hospital clinic and sit together for a very serious session – of Trivial Pursuit!


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