‘Do you still want us Jews?’

Attacks on both Jews and Jewish praxis are rising in Europe. But the consequences go beyond European Jewry.

October 2, 2012 12:59
RABBI  gives his kippa to head of Turkish communit

Berlin anti-circumcision protest. (photo credit: Pawel Kopczynski/Reuters)

On September 5, a former president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews published an op-ed in a leading German paper that demanded, “Do you still want us Jews?”

“For 60 years I have defended Germany as a survivor of the Shoah. Now I ask myself if that was right,” wrote Charlotte Knobloch, responding to a German court’s ruling that circumcision was illegal and a subsequent criminal complaint against a rabbi for performing circumcisions. Charging that people who know nothing about Judaism “now want to tell us whether and how we can follow our religion,” she said that for six decades, she defended her decision to stay in Germany after the Holocaust “because I was firmly convinced that this country and these people deserved it. For the first time my basic convictions are starting to shake … I seriously ask if this country still wants us.”


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