It’s a Holy War, stupid

US and NATO allies must be religiously devoted to bolstering Syrian moderates.

October 2, 2012 14:40
4 minute read.
Syrian opposition attend  National Conference.

Syrian internal opposition members (R370). (photo credit: REUTERS/Khaled Al Hariri)

While discussing the bloodshed in Syria at a September 7 conference held in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan drew a chilling parallel.  “What happened in Karbala 1,332 years ago is what is happening in Syria today,” he said, comparing the Syrian revolution to the most divisive event in Islamic history, the Battle of Karbala.

Those in the West with any interests in the region have much to learn from Erdogan’s history lesson.  What was originally depicted as a popular uprising against tyranny is now undeniably a war for religious supremacy in the Middle East. In this war, those Syrians who originally took to the streets in their aspirations for democracy have become the only guaranteed losers.


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