Always in the mood for a melody

Her love of music has taken her on many different paths but there are still many roads not taken.

February 23, 2017 15:21
Yahala Lachmish

Yahala Lachmish. (photo credit: TAL TOUBOUL)

When she was born, the midwife told Leonie and Haim that their beautiful baby girl wasn’t crying but singing. And 26 years later, she’s still singing loud and clear. From the minute Yahala Lachmish was born in Jerusalem, she started singing.

This made naming her easy: her parents, former Brit Leonie and her husband, Haim, decided to name her after Haim’s beloved mother, Diamantina. Yahalom means “diamond” in Hebrew and so the name, Yahala with an extra “la” at the end. The perfect name.


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