Chabba Art Gallery: Where Israeli art is literally at home

The Chabba Gallery is a unique art gallery in Herzliya.

November 8, 2017 18:26
Art in a gallery

‘I put the art in my living room to show how artworks blend into everyday life.’. (photo credit: DAVID BAR)

Nathalie Mimoun, honorary French consul of Israel’s central/north region, has installed an art gallery in her home. Artworks stand in the garden, living room and dining room, on stairways and even in the bathrooms. The large basement floor, with its exhibition space and office, houses the gallery proper. But art lives and breathes throughout the entire house.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee with Mimoun in her kitchen, viewing an installation showing two fetuses floating in glass cubes, one unborn child wearing a heavy modern wig and Onassis-style glasses, and the other a white Elvis costume. Perhaps it’s a commentary on the commercialized environment that today’s children are born into today. Beside the china cabinet with its display of the family’s silver hangs a much-larger-than-life photograph of a serious young man wearing an androgynous shirt that leaves his midriff bare. The art isn’t meant to be merely pretty. It’s meant to provoke thought and emotional reactions.


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